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CCP Gains CE Accreditation

As of 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) required producers of construction products who manufacture to a Harmonised European Standard to CE mark their products. We looked into this and in our case, our pre-stressed concrete panels didn’t have to be CE marked, but we felt that to give our customers the reassurance that our panels are manufactured to Harmonised European Standards, we would get our panels CE marked.
What is CE Marking?
CE marking is a European standardised way of informing the customer of key technical and physical properties of the product they are using.

As such, we as manufacturers must declare all necessary technical, physical and performance criteria in the same manner as prescribed by the CPR and Harmonized Standards. This information must be made available freely to the customer and to the public and be maintained and kept updated at all times by the manufacturer.
How do we CE mark our products?

Due to the nature of our products, it is not possible to CE mark the precast concrete panel themselves. Our Certificate of conformity is able to be downloaded off our website and any other information required is available on request.

BSI Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control


CCP Gains CE Accreditation

From 14th July 2014 CCP Concrete Products Are CE Marked more